How to Learn Astrology?

To answer this, let us first talk about “what is Astrology?”, “is it easy to learn?”, and “From where to start?”. Here, I am not going to tell you any proper or scientific definition of Astrology.

Who am I?

I am Acharya Komal Goyal, from Faridabad (Haryana).  

During my experience of 12 years(forever to go) in this field, what I felt is that Astrology is a science of predicting the future. 

With my fields, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, and Palmistry, I landed the world of the internet by first writing blogs on my self-designed website, and from there this journey of social media began and gradually, youtube channel, Facebook Page, and Instagram profile, Quora, and then LinkedIn. Trust me it was an adventurous safari and it would now never end as it has become an integral part of my life. 

Different cultures and traditions

There are in-numerous techniques available out there in this world to do this predicting. Every country, every culture has its tools. This difference and variety are because they also have different calendar systems. In India, many of us may know only about the Western and the Hindu calendar. Western is the one we are following worldwide to become a part of this globalised world and other than this there is a Hindu calendar for Hindu religion, Hijri calendar for Islamic people, Myanmar has their Burmese calendar, Egypt has their Egyptian calendar, and so on.

What I mean to say is that the difference in culture and beliefs cannot only be seen through languages, dressing, food, and festivals but it is also reflected in the system of predicting the future. 

Thus rather than going behind other cultures and following their systems, adopting their practices in our lives, I believe, one should stick to their roots and cultures.

What is Astrology?

Since Astrology is a science of predicting with the help of planetary positions and movement of constellations, it is also accompanied by the study of the human nature of that particular culture. This science also engulfs the study of the likes-dislikes, beliefs, festivals, and shubh-ashubh of the people living in that culture. So this study of mixing, understanding, interpreting, and concluding the answers to people’s life-related questions is not going to be easy. 

What do you need before starting your study in Astrology?

This study and its practice require dedication and patience. From this small piece of my writing, I urge everyone out there, who is studying or practicing, or willing to study astrology, that please do not consider this as a short-term course. This is a study that will start and never end. It’s an ocean, if you have devotion you will sail. 

The prelim requirement of being an astrologer is friendship with books. 

Happy learning!!

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