Features of Zodiac signs

Characteristics of Virgo

Lord – Mercury or Budh

Direction- South

Gender- Female

Varna(caste)- Shudra

Tatwa- Prithvi or earth

Being a Dual sign, Virgo natives are generally variable, that is, they like to have a frequent change in life. Virgo is an earthy sign that imparts stability and meekness in such people. People having Gemini as Lagna or moon sign in their birth chart may have somewhat looks, features, and characteristics as follows. 

This sign has its good or bad effects on the back and waist.

Tall, slim body, black hair, black eyes, thick eyebrows, and activeness in the body that is why they look younger than their actual age. 

These people have a sweet voice and are soft-spoken because of Lord Mercury. They have a habit of thinking before talking and also take wise decisions of spending money. These people are generally found interested in business and willing to earn more in less time. They like honesty and live systematic schedules. Also, possess the power to face situations. People with Virgo signs could be found in professions like doctors, writers, journalists, accountants, teachers, astrologers, and so on.

They like variations in life still lead a happy married life. In fact, due to their thinking-before-doing-nature, they take a lot of time in deciding on marriage and along with their love towards studying higher if there is any negative aspect on their seventh house in birth chart or absence of positive aspect on 7th house then such people might stay unmarried in life. Females with ascendant as Virgo in their birth chart do not have an interest in love-making and also expect the same from their life-partner. If there is any negative aspect present in the birth chart on their venus such females might have a quarrelsome attitude towards their life-partner. 

For looks and nature, only the moon sign and rising sign are not responsible, the positions and strengths of all nine planets are also very important for one’s personality and need to be considered.

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