Features of Zodiac signs

Characteristics of Taurus

Lord- Shukra or Venus

Direction- South

Gender- Female

Varna(caste)- Shudra

Tatwa- Prithvi or earthy

Color- White

Taurus or Vrishabh has its good or bad effect on the face, neck, and throat in the human body. This is a Fixed sign, which means they like to have stability towards life and work. In the birth chart, if the Lagna sign is Taurus or Moon sign is Taurus i.e., where there is the moon, the sign of that house is Taurus or Vrishabh then these natives will have their nature, looks, and profession somewhat as under. 

Being an earthy sign, these people have abeyance. Such people are bright, have loose stature, and subtle. They are self-centered, imaginative, and socialist. They are peace-loving and patient but if provoked they become cunning and furious just as the symbol of this zodiac sign. They are good lovers, they may have a little darker complexion but they attract the love of others towards them. They are reliable husbands and wives but under the bad influence or aspect, they may get involved in extramarital affairs. They get financial benefits in case of good influences or aspects. 

People of this zodiac sign are always eager in money-making and like to spend wisely. They are fond of art, cinema, music, and drama. Acting, singing, music composing, film direction, and theatre are sometimes professions they choose. As it is an earthy sign, natives of this sign may have their work related to farming or agriculture. Venus being lord of this sign, its natives love collecting or using perfumes, gems, jewelry, cosmetics, and so on. During Livelihood, they generally keep good health but if they acquire an illness it takes less time for them to get back to fit.
For looks and nature, only the moon sign and rising sign are not responsible, the positions and strengths of all nine planets are also very important for one’s personality and need to be considered. 

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