Features of Zodiac signs

Characteristics of Scorpio

Lord – Mars or Mangal

Direction- North

Gender- Female

Varna(caste)- Brahmin 

Tatwa- Watery or Jal

This Zodiac Sign is responsible for good or bad effects on the private body parts or reproductive parts (as well as organs) of the male and female body. In the birth chart, if the Lagna sign is Scorpio or Moon sign is Scorpio that is, where there is the moon, sign in that house is Scorpio or Vrishchik then these natives will have their nature, looks, and/or profession somewhat as under. 

This is a stable Zodiac Sign which is why these people do not make changes so easily also, a fiery and aggressive planet Mars is its lord. Thus its people become quite anger some and always want to win, whether they feel that they might lose in a situation in that case too they do not give up easily rather put even more effort to win. Few Scorpion natives even put their health at stake to get control of the losing situations. This means that when determined to do anything they shove themselves into accomplishing it. They dare to abide by their promises. 

Medium to tall, broad forehead, heavy face, hands long and strong, dense and curly hair, and a nice character are few features of Scorpion people. Women of Scorpio are also Man-like, independent thinking, desire to live life on their terms, to abide by their words, and to think before speaking. Being a watery Zodiac Sign they have good imaginative power and an intense brain. 

They are self-assertive, aggressive, emotional, courageous, and powerful. They have their likes and dislikes, straightforward, and self-made. Few of these people are hard-spoken and selfish at times. Decisions made in the family should be with their due advice or opinion otherwise they do not feel connected with the family. If somebody misbehaves with them or any violent action is against them then they develop the desire for revenge and even wait for a long time cold bloodily. They like to spend money on their comforts and facilities.

When Scorpio is in Lagna, Venus becomes lord of the seventh house thus in few cases (according to PAC- placement, regard, and conjunction) person could be considerably erotic. They lead a happy married life but in case of negative aspects on the seventh house, or malefic Jupiter (Guru), they may have an extramarital affair or rotten relationship with their life partner. These people could be found to have an interest in mythology and spiritual experiments. They might become scholars and take part in researches on subjects of their interest. 

With Scorpio Lagna borns, possible work fields could be police or armed forces, chemists or professors of chemistry, surgeons. also as per their country, religion, and circumstances, they might have work related to meat. 

For looks and nature, only the moon sign and rising sign are not responsible, the positions and strengths of all nine planets are also very important for one’s personality and need to be considered.

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