Features of Zodiac signs

Characteristics of Pisces

Lord – Jupiter or guru

Direction- North

Gender- female

Varna(caste)- Brahmin

Tatwa- Jal or watery

This Zodiac Sign is responsible for good or bad effects on the feet of the human body. In the birth chart, if the Lagna sign is Pisces or Moon sign is Pisces that is, where there is the moon, sign in that house is Pisces or Meen then these natives will have their nature, looks, and/or profession somewhat as under. 

Pisces natives are, on average, short in height, have a chubby body, thick nose, dilated belly, fair complexion, beautiful eyes, and soft thin hair. 

They possess a great feeling for humanity. They are honest, imaginative, loving, truthful, kind, compassionate, and helping. They believe in forgiving rather than revenge. Such people put themselves forward for the betterment of people and donations up to such an extent that they subside their own goals and priorities. But they have a feeling of jealousy, they get jealous of others’ promotions very easily. They are lovers and lead a peaceful married life, also have great interest towards reading and studying.

Pisces is a dual sign, due to which they tend to change their business often because their mind does not settle. 

Import-export or aquatic material business suits them. Under positive influences or aspects, they acquire good positions in government or maybe in ministry. They could also be found as musicians or actors. 

For looks, nature, and many other aspects of life, only the moon sign and rising sign are not responsible. The positions and strengths of all nine planets are also important for one’s personality and are need to be considered.

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