Features of Zodiac signs

Characteristics of Libra

Lord – Venus or Shukra

Direction- West

Gender- Male

Varna(caste)- Vaishya 

Tatwa- Air or Vaayu

This Zodiac Sign has its good or bad effect on the naval and lower abdominal area.

In the birth chart, if the Lagna sign is Cancer or Moon sign is Cancer that is, where there is the moon, sign in that house is Cancer or Kark then these natives will have their nature, looks, and profession somewhat as under. 

Libra sign people generally have a fair complexion, tall, beautiful, curly-haired, beautiful eyes, attractive, sharp nose, and strongly built body. They are liked by women due to their fair color. 

They weigh the pros and cons of any issue before speaking. This feature is depicted in the symbolic image of Libra as it has a weighing scale in its hand. These people are well educated and have a sense of respecting the elderly and Gurus.

This is an airy sign and hence people are light-hearted gentlemen, possess imaginative power, high intellectual power, nature of sacrifice. They like to spend life with peace, love, and spirituality. The world has witnessed many famous sages with the Libra Zodiac sign. They are fearless, one cannot simply scare these people and get things out of their heart. They are not fond of clothes, jewelry, or any extra luxuries. 

This is a movable sign due to which Libra natives would like to make changes in their life or surrounding environment and that could be anything, for example, occupation, residence or workplace, or anything over which they can feasibly satisfy their desire of “making changes”. 

These people could be lawyers, businessmen, wholesalers, actors, or maybe writers. If Libra is in Lagn, then Saturn becomes a factor of Rajyog, and if Saturn is well-placed, then during Dasha of Saturn such people can turn into a good politicians. 

Libra Natives are good lovers, lead a healthy married life. Libra girls are beautiful, intelligent, and peace-loving. These people love their home, family, and assets. 

For looks and nature, only the moon sign and rising sign are not responsible, the positions and strengths of all nine planets are also very important for one’s personality and need to be considered.

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