Features of Zodiac signs

Characteristics of Cancer

Lord – Moon or Chandrama

Direction- North

Gender- Female

Varna(caste)- Brahman 

Tatwa- Jal or Watery

Color- Bloody stream (a mixture of red and little white).

From this sign, judgments for the heart and chest are derived. 

Few astrological pundits believe that this zodiac sign influences the stomach also.

This is a movable sign hence cancer natives love to roam around. In the birth chart, if the Lagna sign is Cancer or Moon sign is Cancer that is, where there is the moon, sign in that house is Cancer or Kark then these natives will have their nature, looks, and profession somewhat as under. 

This sign has Kaff or phlegm, gentleness, shyness, eagerness in putting efforts in their nature. Generally, they have delicate body parts, a heavy body, medium to short height, and strong legs. Generally, with a fair complexion, they have blushy cheeks. 

The Lord of cancer zodiac sign is the moon, which keeps waxing and waning. Also, the moon moves fast in the zodiac circle thus keep changing its sign, the result of which is visible in the behavior of its natives. That is, they may be quick-tempered, outspoken, imaginative, or sensitive. Most Cancer sign natives have a strong memory, they remember even minute details of events that happened in past times. 

This is a watery sign thus its natives could be fond of water-related activities like swimming, fishing, deep-sea diving, and so on. They could even have such jobs where they have to travel through water bodies most often. These people are found interested in social works or campaigns related to the welfare of the masses. Thus they are respected by society. They are professionals and are successful in their occupations. If they try to become political leaders or judges, then they receive a good response in life as a cancer sign birth chart has exalted Jupiter or Guru. A well-placed Jupiter can give even more success and pleasures of life.

This Zodiac sign has a relation with metal. Cancer sign people could have their occupation field metal-related like with gold, silver, or iron. They may have jobs or businesses metallurgy-related. They get many opportunities to rise in life. They get golden chances to rise after crossing mid-age, also get inherited-property after difficulties. Being fond of gathering money, they are misers to some extent. 

They take decisions after deep analysis thus lose chances a few times. 

For looks, nature, and many other aspects of life, only the moon sign and rising sign are not responsible. The positions and strengths of all nine planets are also important for one’s personality and are need to be considered.

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