Features of Zodiac signs

Characteristics of Aries

Lord- Kuja or mangal or mars

Direction- East

Gender- Male

Varna(caste)- Kshatriya

Tatwa- Agni or Fiery

Color- Red or Redish-yellow

Blood-related sign

Aries or Mesha has its good or bad effect on the head in the human body. 

This is a movable sign which means people with Aries as moon sign or Lagna like to travel and/or are of roaming nature. They may also often change their job or business. Constant changes attract them, monotonous schedules or lifestyles are mostly unaccepted by such people.

Mars or Kuja which is the planet of passion and aggressiveness, rules this sign thus Aries Lagna natives are bold, impulsive, curious, brave, proud, and have mercy on friends and relatives.

Aries Lagna or moon sign natives are not so tall, they have an average height. They are not fat rather slim and fit (not thin even). Thick eyebrows, sharp-sight, short-tempered, cleverness, courage, energized are their features. It has a reason as Aries is a male sign and its lord planet Kuja (Mars or mangal) is a male planet too, also it’s a fiery hot planet. These people are generally green-eyed, optimistic towards life, like backbiting. In the matter of love, these people lack success.  People born in this zodiac sign could be wrestlers, fighters, policemen, army men, or possibly in professions with the use of /weapons (or tools) like surgery, engineering, mechanics, etc. 

Under good influences and/or conjunction on Aries sign and its lord Mangal in one’s birth chart, then the person could be a good lover, ambitious, self-confident, and Affirmative. And under bad influences and/or conjunction person could turn into quarrelsome and angry ones.

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