Know About Kundali N Jyotish

Welcome to Kundali n Jyotish!


Kundali n Jyotish is aimed to provide the best possible and complete astrological solutions.

We understand the sanctity of Astrology, which is a 5000-year age-old knowledge that was brought to us by our sages and gurus for world welfare. We are your one stop solution to your Horoscope and astrology consultation. We are your astrology doctors. At any point of life where you may feel that you are at a low point, without much hesitation come to us. Our services range from horoscope to astrology, including Vastu, online/offline consultation in various branches with our expert.

We provide services like Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, and Palmistry.

Kundali n Jyotish, in its broadest sense, is here to help you with any astrology and Vastu query and guide you via online/offline medium.

Kundali n Jyotish features Horoscope reports like kundali (or tewa) making, yearly reports, and so on.

Kundali n Jyotish is an initiative by Acharya Komal Goyal for spreading awareness, through our YouTube channel and other social media handles, about misconceptions and false beliefs across our society regarding astrology and its related sciences.

We house genuine and lab certified Rudraksha products, Yantras, Healing Crystal bracelets as well as Malas and so on that are to be worn and used as remedies or antidotes for specific problems.

Know about Acharya Komal Goyal


Acharya Komal Goyal is a new generation astrologer and a leading blogger in the field of astrology.

With an educational background of engineering in Electronics and communications, and then MBA, her planets opened the doors of Occult science for her. Since then she is immersed in the unending ocean of astrology and its related fields.

She is a certified Asrtologer and Vastu expert with keen interest in research work in the field of Astrology. Her strong cultural roots kept her very close to vedic shastras. Having worked in the field of astrology for over 10 years, she thinks this domain is too vast to be mastered in one life and one has to be a research scholar and an avid learner to pursue this field.

She strongly believes in nature and its magical forces, thus she mostly recommends people to take natural remedial solutions. She is known for her practical approach regarding the application and usage of Astrology in day to day life.

Her fields of expertise are Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, and Palmistry.